How To Stay Fit And Healthy As A Comic Artist

comic artistBeing a comic artist is fun, but just like any career, it is not that simple. In today’s world, there is a lot of competition in every area and for anyone to make it it’s a must to work even harder and smarter. Creating comics requires ample time for one to come up with something competitive. For this reason, many comic artists spend most of their time working such that they rarely get time to take care of themselves and some even end up with serious health problems. Someone may feel that their chest is congested, yet they find it time wastage to go look for a good home chest congestion remedy. This is wrong as your body can only work to the fullest when healthy. Here is how you can stay fit and healthy as a comic artist.


Avoid staying up late-get organized

Comic art calls for ample time and attention, and this means that for you to be able to rest and sleep on time, you need to plan your day early. Set up your daily goals and develop a schedule that you can keep. This will be useful in avoiding those long night hours that you spend trying to clear up your day’s work. You need to know that not getting enough sleep adversely affects your health. Just go to sleep early and wake up early, or if you like working during the night, then spend at least 8 hours sleeping during the day. The same way you would not like to ignore he exess hair on your body, where you never forget to get a good epilator to get rid of those hairs, then you should not also ignore the fact that sleep is crucial for one’s overall health.


Avoid too much junk food

Many comic artists work at the comfort of their homes. When this sounds great, it’s obvious that you have the freedom to eat whenever you feel like. The truth is many people when working tend to eat unhealthy snacks which ends up adding too much weight to them and then they start complaining. Avoid junk food and instead, shop for many fruits, zero calorie crackers, and juices. Remember eating healthy will keep you fit and you will be able to work on your comics efficiently.


Take breaks or short naps whenever you feel tired

Talking a rest is so crucial. You need to schedule short breaks which should be at least two or three times a day depending on your works complexity. This will help you stay fresh and avoid fatigue as well as straining your body. That’s how much a 10 minutes nap can do.


Get up and stretch out

If you are like me, taking a short nap means sleeping for an hour or more. If you feel tired and you want to avoid sleeping, stand up and take your ten minutes to stretch out. Also, you can take a short walk around your home to get some fresh air. This will help refresh your system and will have a positive impact on your health as blood will be able to flow efficiently in your body. If you have kid or a pet, during your breaks, take your kid or a pet out with you and play with them for about 10 to 15 minutes.


As much as you want to succeed and make more money, you need to consider your health first. You wouldn’t want to make much money and then spend it all on hospital bills. Follow the above healthy tips and you will always be fit and healthy even as you work on your comics. All the best!

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