How To Make Money From Your Own Comic Strip

Have you ever wished you could design and write your own comic book? Well, with all the technological advancement, there is no reason you shouldn’t make your wish a reality. There are so many ways you can make money with your comic book designs. Naturally, the best way would be to have a big comic company pick up your design but the chances of having this done are extremely rare. However, there are still so many other ways you can earn from your comic book that you have designed and illustrated from scratch.

Self publish your comic books

self publishing own comic book
With the World Wide Web, you can easily self publish any comic book you have personally created. The downside of self publishing your own comic book is that you are solely responsible for marketing of the comic book. Additionally, you may have to fulfill orders for the comic book. It may take a while to successfully market your comic books and earn profits. When you spend most of your time marketing your comic book, you have very limited time to continue doing what you like which is designing new comics.

Start a Comic Blog

You can start a blog that’s meant for your comic strip. Blogs are perfect if your comic strip is short and humorous. Though you are working as a freelance comic artist, you are able to increasingly build your own following and number of readers if they come back each day for laughs and love your comic strip.
Your comic strip blog can also earn you more money by integrating Google Adsense ads for different affiliate programs that are related to your target market. If your blog has tons of visitors every month, this can translate to more money for you.

Deviant Art

Deviant art is where most web graphic artists meet. If your comic strip is unique and loved by readers, then you can easily build a brand for yourself. This may open doors where your comic strip gets licensed or syndicated in newspapers all over the world. Syndication is not easy; nevertheless, with a good comic strip and good networking you can syndicate your comic strip. It’s important to have a good professional network and a blog that has avid followers for easy syndication of your comic strip.

Make your comic strip easily available to be read

The major advantage of publishing your comic strip online is that you get tons of feedback from people who have read it. This feedback can help you to improve on your comic strip.
If you really love designing comics and want to make money out of it, then stop dreaming of being a comic strip designer. Rather, act by working on your comic skills and avail your comics to be seen by as many readers as possible and to build a following of loyal readers.
If you are able to come up with quality comic strip content, you will be able to make money out of your hobby. You never know whether you may be the lucky few people who end up being picked by DC comics!

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