How A Comic Artist Can Make Sure His Dog Is Well Protected During Winter

dog careWinter season is quit demanding and can make a toll on your four-legged friend as well if you are not careful. For most comic artists, keeping an eye on their dogs may be challenging since the work can at times be so demanding, consuming all the time and they may not even realize that their dog is in danger. Here are some tips that you need to always keep in mind during winter:


Dog food and personal care tips

This is the season where it is important for you to regulate your dog’s diet owing to the lack of exercise and considerably longer snooze times. You wouldn’t like for your dog to add on the pounds rapidly. To be aware of the proper dog foods during winter, you can speak to a vet ahead of winter time. Fiber foods are the best for dogs but your vet can give you more options. Since the dog will be spending most of its time indoors, try to keep improper treats and food away to make sure he does not eat them. For example, a dog might eat chocolate and this might be harmful. To learn more on what to do when a dog eats chocolate click here. Expect dog food consumption to rise during winter and make sure he drinks fresh water.


Keep him indoors often

Try to keep your dog indoors as much as possible and most especially if you live in extremely cold or frosty areas. Outdoor walks and exercises might lead to possible colds, congestion and other diseases. In addition to that, your dog may have a numbing sensation and he will not like that at all.


Purchase proper outdoor gear

Your dog needs to have dog jackets and sweaters if you are to take him out for a walk. There are several options available online in this regard. You can find stripped and cable sweaters in addition to sweatshirts in various colors. There are also lovely ad colored jackets made of the warmest and the most comfortable materials. These jackets can protect your dog from the common vagaries of winter season. As you shop, always check for a proper fit for your dog as this can lead to unnecessary discomfort.


Tucking up your dog during winter

Tuck him up with the finest blankets and related accessories. Also, you need to invest in decent dog beds that are capable of holding your furry friend in comfort. Some of the options that you can consider include the ones made of fleece with cool design motifs such as paws and others. Make sure that you get the right blanket size from your pet as these come in all standard sizes including medium and XL. Such blankets will make sure that your dog is able to curl up in comfort on his bed or a sofa.


To most of us, our dogs are part of our family and when they are not doing okay, we too are never at peace. To be able to concentrate on your comic work or design without having to worry about your dog, follow the above tips.

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